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Privacy Policy

We value our visitors' privacy when they visit We at understand how crucial it is to protect the privacy of your personal data. The kinds of personal information we get and gather from your use of, how and when it's used, and security measures are outlined below. Your personal information is never sold or shared by us with third parties. You can reach us at if you have any concerns.


Small text files called cookies are used to hold discrete bits of data. When you load the website in your browser, cookies are saved on your device. These cookies aid in the proper operation of the website, enhance its security, improve user experience, and enable us to monitor its performance and determine what areas require improvement.
Cookies that are required are absolutely necessary for the website to operate correctly. To maintain the website's essential features and security, we use the necessary cookies. No personal data is stored by these cookies.
We monetize our website by using ads from third parties. When these advertisers place ads on our website, some of them might use technologies like cookies and web beacons. These technologies will also send information about you, including your IP address, ISP, browser type, and, in certain situations, whether Flash is installed, to these advertisers (like Google through the Google AdSense program). This is usually used for geo-targeting (for example, displaying job adverts ads in Johannesburg to someone who lives there) or displaying specific ads based on the sites that a user has visited (for example, displaying ads related to scholarships to a user who frequently visits scholarship sites).

DoubleClick DART cookies

Additionally, we might use DART cookies for ad serving via Google's DoubleClick, which installs a cookie on your computer whenever you visit a website that uses DoubleClick advertising (which includes some Google AdSense advertisements) while you are online. With the help of this cookie, you will receive ads that are tailored to your preferences ("interest based targeting"). The advertisements that are displayed to you will be customized according to your past browsing activity. For instance, if you have been visiting websites about web development, you might see advertisements for tech industries there while visiting a non-related website, like one about hockey. "Non personally identifiable information" is used by DART.
Your name, email address, physical address, phone number, social security number, bank account number, and credit card number are examples of personal information that is NOT tracked by it.


By adjusting preferences in programs like Norton Internet Security or by navigating to the browser settings, you can disable or selectively turn off our or third-party cookies. However, this may have an impact on your ability to use other websites and our site. This can involve being unable to access certain services or applications, like forums or accounts, through login.
You are not automatically opted out of any advertising program when you delete cookies. The next time you visit a website with ads, a new cookie will be added unless you have settings that prevent cookies. When you first visit our website, you can adjust your cookie preferences by clicking on the "Cookie Settings" button and selecting whether or not to enable or disable the cookie categories on the pop-up window. Unless you accept ALL cookies, only the ones that are absolutely necessary are enabled by default.